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Making your babe's clothes last

Vintage is a piece of history, really. We like to care for our pieces so they can be adored by us and the next family (and out of a landfill too). Here are some tips on how to make your favorite vintage outfits last!


1. Wash less often.

Yes, I said it. The less often you wash your clothes, the less wear and damage (like fading and washwear) will occur! Of course if it is truly dirty itll need a run through the wash. :)


2. Consider gentle cycle wash or hand wash.

Some pieces may require a gentle cycle in the washing machine or even a hand wash (knits, I'm looking at you!). This will help preserve the fibers and overall structure of the clothing for years to come.


3. Treat stains right when they happen.

If you are able to, treat the stain right when it happens. But come on, it isn't always possible! The next best thing is to remove the clothing from the babe and throw it into a bucket/sink of cold water until you can properly deal with it.


4. Opt for stain treating for individual pieces versus a soak if the colors aren't similar.

Some colors bleed really bad *cough RED cough* and you may not want your whites going pink... it is better to spot treat if there is a small isolated stain rather than soak. Soaks are necessary sometimes of course, but spot treating may save on time and supplies as well as potential color bleeds (mainly giving myself a self-talk here haha).


5. Roll up too-big hems rather than letting them drag on the ground.

Hems get distressed and frayed when they rub the ground. If they're too big for your babe, opt for a rolled up cuff look! Or you may choose to have the hems sewn up temporarily until their little legs can catch up to the length of their cute little pants/overalls. This will help keep the item in great shape for your babe and for the next babe (and mom).


6. Iron clothes inside out and on proper heat setting.

Sometimes clothes have material or details on the material that can...melt. I have ruined some clothes personally but having my iron on too high of a setting. Keep in mind that clothes with printed screens or applique should be turned inside out before ironing over any areas with those details.


7. Consider hang-drying versus the dryer.

The dryer can be rough on fibers of clothes too. We all know shrinking is one possibility. If nothing else, consider doing a "cool dry" instead of heated. Otherwise consider hanging and drying pieces outside or in a well-ventilated area - you'll save on your energy bill this way too!




8. Wear your most treasured pieces indoors.

This is OPTIONAL! But my babes are rough on clothes if they are out riding scooters or crawling around on grass. This leads to torn up knees and other scuffs and tears to the clothing. Repairs are usually possible, but for us they are likely not going to happen as there are too many tasks on the to-do list. I would personally rather skip my babe's wearing their (by "their" I really mean "my" lol) favorite pieces on days where I know they'll be playing rough. Just my personal tip!