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Why buy from us?

This shop is run by a mom of three. Total transparency - my love for vintage didn't start out of love, but more out of desire be a good friend in helping my lifelong best friend fulfill her own vintage dreams! She wanted to dress the baby girl she was expecting in classic, delicate, girly vintage dresses. It was not my style at all! But the more I delve into thrifting for vintage kids clothes, the more I fell in love with the unique fits, patterns, designs, quality of fabric, and overall durability. Vintage denim has struck my eye for some time, (especially Levi's trucker jackets) and so I would say that is my favorite vintage niche!


I have always been a fan of shopping secondhand for a better planet. The clothes we buy this day in age are no longer out of need. There is an abundance of clothing already in existence that we can wear. Same goes for our kids! We can dress them in the standard baby and kids clothes that we typically see for sale at any store, really. We can get them for next to nothing or even free if you just ask around. If you're reading this, you are probably here because you dress your kiddo for another reason - for that priceless nostalgia that comes with seeing your favorite childhood styles, characters, patterns, fits, etc. on your little babe!


When you choose nostalgic vintage pieces, you are also choosing secondhand which is a much more sustainable option than buying new. If you haven't heard about fast fashion and it's damaging effects at all levels of production, I gently suggest you to do a little research into it - even if that just means watching a quick YouTube video - it'll blow your mind pretty quickly! When you buy secondhand pieces from this shop, you are supporting one employee and I do my part to be as environmentally woke as possible...all the way down to my packaging. Buying secondhand is not contributing to the supply and demand complex of fast fashion...because that cycle needs to end!


In addition to vintage kids pieces, I also sell some vintage-inspired fits (that may look like vintage but may not be true vintage) and other secondhand sourced pieces that I think will look good with vintage or are just amazing quality and easy on the eyes.


And when you choose to buy from this little shop Nostalgic Baby Vintage, you are choosing small and supporting a real person with a real little family. We thank you so much for being here and sharing our love for one-of-a-kind, can't-be-replicated-today vintage and some other loved little goods too!